Boston, Lincolnshire - Your Summer Resort?

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Boston placed near the south-east Lincolnshire coast is approximately 120 miles from London and thirty-two miles on the south-east from Lincoln, Boston is located in the UK. Boston has a population of thirty-five thousand and covers an area of at least 139. Much of Boston is a rich, farming land known as 'Finland.' Being a few meters above sea level, regular flooding is stopped by a system of sea defenses and drainage pipes. Marked by the St. Botolph's Church, Boston is a historically attractive market town, where the St. Botolph's church is the best known landmark around. There is a good amount of technology being brought into the small town, and is undergoing development to attract more tourists.

Historic accounts provide that the farming industry provided the main employment. Boston is still dependent on the agricultural scene. The farming sector is on a slow decline and more manufacturing is being introduced. Vegetable production is the source of agricultural work. History also tells us that Boston, MA was named after Boston, Lincolnshire where as many who settled in Boston, US came from Boston, UK. 

Before Boston was integrated into the UK it was a part of Holland, making many people who live there diverse and multi-cultural. Boston is one of the best places to visit if you are looking for history.

St. Botolph's Church (also known as the stump) is a great place to experience history and see remarkable relics from the past. We have actually been there and it is gorgeous. The detail is amazing and makes you feel like you were walking through time.  

Blending history with the present, Boston will open your eyes to many of the past's revolutions. Even though Boston, UK has seemed to be a flash from the past it still can attract many tourists. If you are excited about waterways and marinas then Boston has a deal to offer you. Boston allows tourists to fish in the waterways so you can get a diverse variety of fish.

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Boston, Lincolnshire - Your Summer Resort?

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This article was published on 2010/03/26